Here is a look at the complete AEW history, roster, PPVs and more. Wednesday's 8/7c on TNT", "AEW News: Cody Rhodes and Matt Jackson on launch, Merchandise, Behind the scenes name", "THANK YOU Dr Bryce. As AEW has partnerships with Impact Wrestling,[1] National Wrestling Alliance,[2] Japan's New Japan Pro-Wrestling (NJPW),[3] DDT Pro-Wrestling (DDT), Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling (TJPW),[4] and Mexico's Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide (AAA),[5] wrestlers and other personalities from those promotions may also make periodic appearances at AEW events. Shawn Spears has been removed from AEW’s roster page after cutting a promo on this week’s Dynamite saying “you can change the three letters, but you can’t change the glass ceiling” and speaking about how he bet on himself but the grass isn’t always greener.. You can read a transcript of that promo below. Finally a member of the AEW Medical team showing me some respect. Thank you @CodyRhodes & Arn for nominating a great challenger; I was glad to sanction the match. More. Anna requires shoulder surgery & is expected to miss 6-12 months. AEW world champion Kenny Omega recently spoke with Yahoo Sports to discuss a number of different topics, including how his goals as a wrestler were accomplished once he won the IWGP Heavyweight title, and how talented the current AEW roster is. That has led to a lot of attractive women becoming athletes with the AEW. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019. Initially entering as part of Brandi Rhodes' "Nightmare… Tony has occasionally appeared and been referenced on-air as an authority figure. Stay tuned to Last Word on Pro Wrestling for more on this and other stories from around the world of wrestling, as they develop. AEW announced this Tuesday’s AEW Dark (7 p.m. One of AEW's newest signees is also one of its most mysterious. ET on AEW’s YouTube channel) features 14 matches. AEW match restarting and WWE’s third-party edict place business of pro wrestling in unflattering light. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019. Highlights from the interview can be found below. So to answer our original question, yes the AEW roster is too big. NEWS. Check the list for birthdays for famous wrestlers, AEW and WWE Superstars from current rosters as well as pro-wrestling legends birthdays. AEW Game Roster: Who’s Confirmed? While he didn't win the open challenge & the TNT Title, he opened a lot of eyes on #AEWDynamite. Published 21st September 2020 at 8:48pm. ", "Please help us welcome @RefTurnerAEW to the team.Paul Turner is #AllElite", "#AEW officials have reprimanded Jon Moxley for an unprovoked attack on referee Paul Turner, as this is not the first time Moxley has attacked the Senior Official. ", "Human Being / AEW Live Event Production / Official #ImWithAEW", "Happy Birthday to AEW referee @themikeposey! DO NOT MISS #AEWALLOUT from the amazing duo of @AlainMist and @NorbertFeuillan on Sept. 5 See it on #FITE in markets outside the USA In the Flag of United States? All Elite Wrestling ( AEW) has revealed a new team with Chris Jerico, Jack Hagger, Ortiz, Santana, and Sammy Guevara. Executive officers are also listed. #Broken @MATTHARDYBRAND is #AllElite", "Welcome to the team... #MattSydal is #AllElite", "Welcome to the team... #Miro is #AllElite", "Santana & Ortiz To Make Final Independent Appearance At Battle Club Pro On September 28", "Young Bucks invite Pentagon Jr. & Fenix to AEW", "Peter Avalon, Leva Bates, And Private Party Join AEW Roster", "Welcome to the team...Will Hobbs (@TrueWillieHobbs) is #AllElite", "Thank you @starkmanjones for a great effort tonight. AEW personnel consists of professional wrestlers, managers, referees, commentators, ring announcers, coaches, and various other positions. Check out the list of men and women wrestlers in AEW Roster 2021 along with broadcast team members, referees, coaches and more. In speaking with members of the All Elite Wrestling roster and staff, many of them were informed of Brodie Lee's illness and the severity long ago, as far back as early November. This is just the beginning ", "Welcome to the team. REAL NAME: Stevie Woltz DOB: 27 July 1991TAG TEAM/STABLE: The Elites, REAL NAME: Trey TuckerDOB: February 16 1998, REAL NAME: Alex ZikosDOB: UnknownTAG TEAM/STABLE: Dark Order, REAL NAME: Anthony Bowens DOB: December 18, 1990, REAL NAME: Anthony Osejua Ojo OgogoDOB: 24 November 1988, REAL NAME: Austin SoppDOB: 26 August 1994, REAL NAME: Brandon Bogle DOB: 29 May 1984, REAL NAME: Brian Christopher Button DOB: 2 February 1984, REAL NAME: Brian Zachary Pillman Jr. DOB: Sep 9th, 1993, REAL NAME: Daniel Marshall WheelerDOB: 17 May 1987Tag Team: FTR, REAL NAME: Daniel Christopher Covell DOB: 24 Dec 1971TAG TEAM/STABLE: SoCal Uncensored, REAL NAME: Christopher Keith Irvine DOB: 9 Nov 1970TAG TEAM/STABLE: Inner Circle, REAL NAME: Dustin Howard DOB: 22 Apr 1986TAG TEAM/STABLE: Best Friends, REAL NAME: Cody Runnels DOB: 29 Jun 1985, REAL NAME: Samuel RatschDOB: 7 January 1993, REAL NAME: David Michael HarwoodDOB: 30 June 1984TAG TEAM/STABLE: FTR, REAL NAME: Virgil Riley Runnels III DOB: 10 Apr 1969, REAL NAME: Edward MooreDOB: 12 December 1981, REAL NAME: Nicolas Dansereau DOB: 20 July 1987TAG TEAM/STABLE: Dark Order, REAL NAME: Frank B. Gerdelman DOB: 4 Aug 1977TAG TEAM/STABLE: SoCal Uncensored, REAL NAME: Isiah KassidyDOB: 10 July 1977 TAG TEAM/STABLE: Private Party, REAL NAME: Jack Padraig Miller DOB: 2 Apr 1982, REAL NAME: Donald Jacob Hager DOB: 3 Dec 1982TAG TEAM/STABLE: Inner Circle, REAL NAME: Joseph Janela DOB: 4 July 1989, REAL NAME: John AnthonyDOB: 4 June 1990TAG TEAM/STABLE: Dark Order, REAL NAME: Jonathan Good DOB: 7 Dec 1985, REAL NAME: Jack Perry DOB: 15 Jun 1997TAG TEAM/STABLE: Jurrasic Express, REAL NAME: Tyson Smith DOB: 16 OCT 1983TAG TEAM/STABLE: The Elites, REAL NAME: Simon James Kippen DOB: 19 May 1992, REAL NAME: Austin Matelson DOB: 10 Mar 1985TAG TEAM/STABLE: Jurrasic Express, REAL NAME: Matthew Moore HardyDOB: 23 September 1974, REAL NAME: Max Friedman DOB: 15 March 1996, REAL NAME: Noah Nelms DOB: 30 July 1997TAG TEAM/STABLE: Jurrasic Express, REAL NAME: DeQuentin Redden DOB: UnknownTAG TEAM/STABLE: Private Party, REAL NAME: Matt Massie DOB: 13 Mar 1985TAG TEAM/STABLE: The Young Bucks/The Elites, REAL NAME: Matthew Joseph Korklan DOB: 19 Mar 1983, REAL NAME: Shoji Nakazawa DOB: 8 Oct 1975, REAL NAME: Miroslav BarnyashevDOB: 25 December 1985, REAL NAME: Jon HuberDOB: 16 December 1979TAG TEAM/STABLE: Dark Order, REAL NAME: Nick Massie DOB: 27 July 1989TAG TEAM/STABLE: The Young Bucks/The Elites, REAL NAME: Miguel Molina DOB: 27 Sep 1991TAG TEAM/STABLE: Inner Circle/Proud & Powerful, REAL NAME: Peter Hernandez DOB: 14 June 1989, REAL NAME: Cody VanceDOB: 15 January 1992TAG TEAM/STABLE: Dark Order, REAL NAME: Michael Cuellari DOB: 15 July 1985, REAL NAME: Ricky StarksDOB: 21 February 1994, REAL NAME: Sammy Guevara DOB: 23 July 1993, REAL NAME: Mark Sanchez DOB: 4 February 1991TAG TEAM/STABLE: Inner Circle/Proud & Powerful, REAL NAME: Schuyler Andrews DOB: 1 Apr 1983TAG TEAM/STABLE: SoCal Uncensored, REAL NAME: Serpentico aka Jon CruzDOB: Unknown, REAL NAME: Ronnie William Arneill DOB: 19 Feb 1981, REAL NAME: Steve BordenDOB: 20 March 1959, REAL NAME: Marc Dionne DOB: 25 Jan 1989TAG TEAM/STABLE: Dark Order, REAL NAME: Jesse GuilmetteDOB: 03 Jun 1980, REAL NAME: Greg Marasciulo DOB: 30 March 1987, REAL NAME: Michael Austin Wardlow DOB: 19 January 1998, REAL NAME: Anna Marie JerniganDOB: 16 July 1998, REAL NAME: Brandi Alexis Reed DOB: 23 Jun 1983, REAL NAME: Brittany Baker DOB: 23 Apr 1991, REAL NAME: Aeriel Hull Johnson DOB: 11 July, REAL NAME: Hikaru Shida DOB: 11 Jun 1988, REAL NAME: Ivelisse Milagro VélezDOB: September 21, 1987, REAL NAME: Kristen StadtlanderDOB: 7 August 1995, REAL NAME: Melanie CruiseDOB: 7 January 1987, REAL NAME: Nyla Rose DOB: 3 August 1982, REAL NAME: Olivia Hasler DOB: 14 Sep 1992, REAL NAME: Tanea Brooks DOB: September 8, 1978, REAL NAME: Alexandra Barrulas DOB: 8 July 1982, REAL NAME: Taynara Melo de Carvalho DOB: 9 June 1995, All the updates from the world of Wrestling. AEW has a talented roster filled with indie wrestlers, but two of its biggest stars are former WWE employees. Die erste Veranstaltung Double or Nothing fand am 25. All Elite Wrestling (AEW) is an American professional wrestling promotion founded in 2019. ", "Countdown to the Revolution pay per view, featuring Randy Couture! According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Several WWESuperstars are looking to jump ship to AEW. On this page you find the full AEW Roster as of today, February 18th 2021. All Elite Wrestling is a top-tier entertainment venue. AEW. Liam Winnard @LiamFWinnard. Rankings. Lee came & worked so hard. AEW is trying to have a big launch, and while Cody Rhodes and Co. haven't outright stated a desire to compete directly with WWE, if the promotion wants to be No. @MikeyRukus ...he did most of the new talent themes for DON! I believe that … In a segment on this week’s AEW Dynamite, Spears expressed frustration over his position on the roster before storming out of the interview, claiming that he’ll come back to work “if he feels … ... but with the majority of 2K’s wrestling games and NJPW-affiliated Fire Pro Wrestling World both finding a … All Elite Wrestling (AEW) ist eine US-amerikanische Wrestling-Promotion. 1, it has to. The Inner Circle. As such the AEW has managed to attract a lot of talent from all over. Featuring the latest AEW spoilers and updates on all your favorites from the All Elite Wrestling roster. 6 days ago When asked if women could main event in the company, she said, “Most definitely, most definitely. AEW has veterans like Billy Gunn and Jerry Lynn on their Coaches roster, and earlier this year it was announced that they hired Dean Malenko to work as a Senior Producer / … That is also due to the quality of matches the All Elite Wrestling roster … Thank you to everyone who has supported me, and everyone at AEW! Yes I need surgery. 8. @SonnyKissXO is #ALLELITE and will be at #DOUBLEorNOTHING", "Welcome to the team... @Sting is #AllElite", "Trent says he has a partially torn pec, and will be out months", "Welcome to the team, ABADON is #AllElite", "Former Knockouts Champion Allie signs with All Elite Wrestling", "Welcome to the team Anna Jay (@annajay___) is #AllElite", "#BreakingNews Anna Jay was injured training & can't compete tonight. I would like to announce that I have OFFICIALLY signed with @AEWrestling! Felt like he accomplished his goals as a wrestler after winning the IWGP Heavyweight … This will be updated every time a change needs to be made. While Nemeth never made it to WWE's main roster, he signed a developmental deal in 2010 and was assigned to Ohio Valley Wrestling, and he … Just recently, All Elite Wrestling’s Dynamite blew WWE’s NXT out of the water by beating them in ratings by over 500,000 viewers and that is in part due to their talent roster as well as the other members of the All Elite Wrestling family. Incredibly we have three versions of the AEW roster to ponder in the early months of 2021. While it may seem impossible to ask one of these ladies out for a date, that’s not the […] Doc Sampson legit watched me, his patient, get kidnapped......and did nothing! All Elite Wrestling began operations in 2019 and gained a major TV spot on TNT. AEW Games. I told you I'd dive on Kip again and dammit I did. Podcasts. The AEW Roster is already shaping up to be interesting with a very diverse set of wrestlers. She's replaced in the Tournament by alternate @Madi_Wrenkowski, a student & protege of @thunderrosa22. Yes I'll be out of the ring for a while. During a recent appearance on Busted Open Radio, Big Swole commented on the AEW women’s division and the criticism it has faced. All Elite Wrestling recently announced the lineup for Tuesdays’ episode of AEW Dark which has a total of 16 matches. Watch tonight 7/6c", "All Elite Wrestling Promises a Diverse Alternative to WWE | TV Guide", "Big Swole Signs With All Elite Wrestling", "Pro Wrestlers Brandi and Cody Rhodes Expecting First Child Together: 'We Are Ready and Excited, "Britt Baker signs with All Elite Wrestling", "Ivelisse Confirms She Has Signed With AEW, Addresses Rumors of Heat With Thunder Rosa", "After making her #AEWDynamite debut last night, we can confirm that @Jade_Cargill is #AllElite", "STREET FIGHT NEXT WEEK ON AEW DYNAMITE, IDENTITY OF BRANDI RHODES' PLEDGE & MORE |", "Since the news is out. AEW Womens RosterrosterPPV - WinPPV - MatchDynamite - WinDynamite - MatchDark - WinDark - MatchSadie Gibbs000000Penelope Ford000000Anna Jay000000Kilynn King000000Awesome Kong000000Bea Priestley000000Big Swole000000Brandi Rhodes000000Dr. I'll do my best to still show up on your TVs as much as I can. Order on @brlive", "Proud to be calling the Dynamite action in Spanish every Wednesday on @AEWonTNT #imwithaew #allelite", "Jim Ross signs three-year deal with All Elite Wrestling", "AEW FULL GEAR TO FEATURE GERMAN COMMENTARY ON FITE.TV", "Jim Ross is joining AEW: "I'm back in the game, "DAILY UPDATE: NXT/USA, UFC 241 FALLOUT, TONY SCHIAVONE", "Tony Schiavone AEW Signing Announced, Confirmed to Join TV Broadcast Team", "Willie Urbina joins as commentator in Spanish of AEW Dynamite", "Motion Graphic Designer, All Elite Wrestling. AEW Dark has become a bloated necessity to get some people match time and that will continue until Tony Khan closes the cheque book. Bea PriestleyBea Priestley’s gimmick is “gothic heel”and her attire reflects this pretty well. They were asked to respect the privacy of the family as Lee battled the illness, and did so until his passing. "Bucks Promise "Big Surprises" With Impact Crossover", "Serena Deeb Finds The NWA-AEW Partnership To Be Powerful, Wants To Be A Locker Room Leader In AEW", "AEW, New Japan Pro Wrestling establish working relationship", "DDT President Sanshiro Takagi Talks Bringing Kenny Omega Back For DDT Shows, Wants His Stars In AEW", "ALL ELITE WRESTLING PARTNERING WITH LUCHA LIBRE AAA", "THE KHANS RELEASE STATEMENT ON WHAT WE CAN EXPECT FROM ALL ELITE WRESTLING", "New promotion All Elite Wrestling announced along with AEW Double or Nothing event", "Khan's creativity guides AEW through the storm", "#JOINDARKORDER @Alan_V_Angels WAKE UP YOUR MIND", "Chris Jericho and Tony Khan Praise Independent Wrestlers That Worked Last Night's AEW Dynamite", "Report: John Silver And Alex Reynolds Have Signed With AEW", "Angelico Signs With All Elite Wrestling", "AEW Signs Anthony Bowens And Max Caster To Contracts", "Anthony Ogogo: Former boxer signs for All Elite Wrestling", "JERICHO SIGNS AEW DEAL, BILLY GUNN ON BOARD AS PRODUCER, STARRCAST 2 AND MORE", "DID VINCE KNOW ABOUT JERICHO SIGNING?, KHAN ON GOLDBERG, THE REACTION WITHIN WWE TO AEW FORMING AND MORE NOTES", "AEW NOTES: BRANDON CUTLER SIGNS, UPDATED LIST OF BATTLE ROYAL ENTRANTS", "Tony Khan Confirms Brian Cage Was Signed By AEW In January, Was Paid While Rehabbing Torn Bicep", "All Elite Wrestling Press Conference: Everything Announced", "Chris Jericho shocks by signing with All Elite Wrestling as AEW rally hits a home run", "SoCal Uncensored Sign All Elite Wrestling Contracts", "WATCH: Jimmy Havoc Joins All Elite Wrestling Via Cool Hype Video", "AEW ANNOUNCES NEW TALENT FOR DOUBLE OR NOTHING", "Welcome to the team... #TopFlight Darius & Dante Martin are #AllElite", "Euthanasia (or How Do You Express Your Love?